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Mississippi Department of Education Uses GoSignMeUp

Mississippi Department of Education chooses GoSignMeUp

Mississippi Department of Education chooses GoSignMeUp

The Mississippi Department of Education uses GoSignMeUp to deliver and manage their online class registration, professional development and certification.  The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) offers courses that target teachers, technology coordinators, administration office staff (including the superintendents) in the Mississippi schools. MDE also offers CEU and SEMI credits for the teachers to renew their educational licenses annually. They also offer registration for online webinars and courses offered in higher institutions of education, such as state colleges and community colleges.

MDE professionals use GoSignMeUp to search and register online for their professional development classes. Once registered, automatic email confirmations and reminders are sent and class rosters are created.   GoSignMeUp can optimize your Race to the Top funding or Federal Common Core Money to create a turn-key solution to meet the common core state standards initiative thru professional development. GoSignMeUp is experienced when it comes to CCSS – you can easily put a successful PD plan together with GoSignMeUp  and an LMS such as Haiku, Canvas, Safari Montage and Blackboard learn.

“The most used feature that I use in GoSignMeUp is the Enrollment Statistics Report. It offers multiple columns of information on a course including names of students, number registered, waiting list, status, and, if you need to cancel a student, it has that option. Practically everything you need to know about a course.” relays Betty Ezelle, of the MDE.

Powerful analytic tools play an important role in the Mississippi Department of Education’s use of GoSignMeUp. These robust reporting tools such as student history, enrollment reports, class history, and certifications provide useful tools to help administrators and school officials assess and manage professional development. While these analytics work for many types of environments such as continuing education, common core training, and certification, they are also suited for organizations delivering professional development to K-12 instructors.

Once a student completes their class, a certificate of completion is automatically emailed and this class is included in their transcript. Students have easy access to their transcript of completed classes and administrators can view the history of all students completing classes.

“We are very excited to continue to have the Mississippi Department of Education as a GoSignMeUp client,” says Greg Smith, Vice President, Business Development of GoSignMeUp. “Our solutions are able to deliver a complete package that provides easy class registration, automated administrative functions, and robust analytics. ”

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