student portal

One of the many powerful features GoSignMeUp delivers is the Registrant Access Module, commonly known as the Student Portal. GoSignMeUp’s Student Portal empowers your enrollees with the ability to access their information whenever they need it. Past and present course details, as well as all email communications, are available in real-time – helping to avoid endless and repetitive communication with teachers and administrators.

Once a student logs-in with their credentials, they can review and make changes to their account information. The Courses widget allows them to see the classes they are currently enrolled in as well as their wait-listed classes. Students can see incomplete and completed classes and even have the ability to print out their own transcript. Certificates of completion can be automatically emailed to a student when they finish their class. These PDF files remain in their Portal, where users can view, save or print them at any time.

Course confirmations, reminders and cancellations are automatically generated when a student signs up for a class. This information is always available for future reference in the Student Portal.

Whether you deliver Continuing Education, Staff Development, Student Enrichment or For-Profit Classes, GoSignMeUp makes the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved – instructors, administrators and enrollees. For more information, or to schedule a live demo, visit or call us at: (800) 560-1617

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