Surveys and Evaluations

Included with GoSignMeUp is our Evaluation Module.  With it you can create and deploy surveys and evaluations, before or after a class.  These surveys can be anonymous if you wish, or not, depending on your use case.  You can even set up a survey to evaluate the instructor of the course.  Instructors can view the results, the result comments, or both.

Pre-course surveys are useful for the instructor to help determine the aptitude level of the incoming class before the course starts. Post-course evaluations can gauge how effective the instruction was.  Evaluations can automatically send out a completion certificate when completed.

Evaluations can be simple or complex.  Question responses can be custom text, set as a yes/no toggle, or use a common numbered scale.  Questions and comments have the option to be mandatory or not.  Survey answers can also be in free-form text format, allowing for more lengthy responses.

Naturally each survey can be branded to match your corporate identity or event.

Whether used to improve and modify your learning programs, or confirm the comprehension of your students, the GoSignMeUp Evaluation Module will add insight and value to your learning institution.

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Surveys and Evaluations