Accept registration payments

With GoSignMeUp, many different pricing options can be configured for your classes, such as free, tiered pricing, student selected pricing and membership pricing. Plus, your merchant account can be connected to your system so that class fees are collected on sign up and processed directly to your account.  You can also charge for materials as well.   It’s easy to accept registration payments!

Accept payments online using one of the established payment processors below. We highly recommend using LumaPay,, or PayPal because they are easier to implement and have strong integrations. However, you are also welcome to use one of the other payment processors we have integrated with or you can request that we integrate with your preferred processor. Additional fees may be assessed depending on the cost incurred in establishing an integration.

Whether you are offering online or in-seat classes, for free or for charge, GoSignMeUp is the only solution that let’s you manage them all in one place!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about charging for courses, and how to accept registration payments.


Accept registration payments