GoSignMeUp is Fully Customizable

GoSignMeUp is fully customizable to match your current corporate branding strategy. Brand your site to meet your standards with GoSignMeUp online registration software. You can control everything –  how emails look, the terminology used and even the branding and coloring of the pubic side catalog!

Setting up the system is a snap! On the password-protected administration side, managers can control every aspect of their GoSignMeUp installation.

Our implementation specialists will help you every step of the way, with personal training and ongoing support is included with every GoSignMeUp purchase.

The public side of GoSignMeUp is where your users will search, sign-up and pay for courses. This can be a stand-alone branded catalog page for all of your event/course listings, or you can organize them further and have multiple catalog pages with unique offerings on each – making things easy and clear for your audience to register.

Because you can create multiple, unique sign-up pages each with their own URL, you can organize and brand them to further simplify the registration process – You can have a unique page for each audience or topic!

Branding your public catalog is easy! You can choose a list view, a calendar view, or a more graphical look with tiles.  You have many options!

Change the coloring of your navigation to match your corporate site with just a few mouse clicks. Organize your courses using custom identifiers such as color groupings or icons.

Each course also can have its own unique media assigned to it, to make them stand out and add a little pizazz.

Create branded emails, name tags and completion certificates. It is easy to get your GoSignMeUp system in line with your corporate branding guidelines.

Terminology is also customizable; If your organization has different titles you can easily modify the GoSignMeUp system to match!

As you can see, GoSignMeUp online registration makes it easy to brand your system to match your current design strategy.

For more information, visit gosignmeup.com, or call (800) 560-1617.

Go Get Branded – GoSignMeUp is Fully Customizable

Your course details page can have as much or as little information as you wish – from graphic elements, to color, even video – you control how it looks!