Benefits of SaaS

GoSignMeUp is a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.  This is an alternative to purchasing the software and having to host, configure and maintain it on your own server.  SaaS is far more user friendly-  we do all the work for you!

When you purchase a software agreement with GoSignMeUp, we set up your site on one of our servers.  We set up everything “in the cloud” based upon your specific registration needs.  You don’t have to worry about building a web server or any of that – its all part of the package!  You also get access to our registration experts – we will analyze your specific needs and configure your GoSignMeUp registration system just for you!
Other benefits of SaaS are;

We can have your GoSignMeUp Online Registration site set up very quickly.  We will configure the back-end to your needs, as well as help you set up the courses, registration forms, completion certificates and even the branding for the public side user experience.

Lower Costs
Your GoSignMeUp license is based upon user count – so you don’t have to pay for more than you need.  You also don’t have to worry about purchasing computers or maintaining an IT department!

If you need to increase or decrease the number of users its no problem using GoSignMeUp!

Single Sign On and LMS integrations are possible with the SaaS model.

Our product is constantly changing to meet the dynamic needs of our customers.  With SaaS we handle the updates for you!

With your data on a secured server, your organization doesn’t have to worry about hacking attempts coming through your own firewall.  Our server experts are on the job, keeping up with the latest cyber-security trends!

Whether you deliver Continuing Education, Staff Development, Student Enrichment or For-Profit Classes, GoSignMeUp makes the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone involved – instructors, administrators and enrollees.

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