Create custom course certificates

Custom Course Certificates

One of the more powerful features within the GoSignMeUp system is the ability to create custom course certificates upon training completion.  This is one of the many tools for professional development and certification contained within GoSignMeUp.  The system can be set up to automatically email a completion certificate to students when they finish training, closing the certification loop!

The design of the certificate is totally customizable using the Custom Certificate Maker tool – everything from the background decoration to the auto-populated fields are in your control.

These certificates can be set up to print locally, or automatically email them to students who finish the course criteria!

Of course, you also get easy registration, automatic emails, payment options, lots of reporting features, and much more when you use GoSignMeUp to manage your certification programs.

Let GoSignMeUp track your student’s training and automate the certification process and create custom course certificates!