History of GoSignMeUp

GoSignMeUp History

About Us

GoSignMeUp, founded in 1999, has a rich history as a pioneer in the field of online registration software andprofessional development tools. Originally established to address the evolving needs of educators and organizations seeking efficient solutions for managing training and professional development programs, GoSignMeUp has continuously adapted to technological advancements, becoming a trusted platform in the education and training sectors.

In 2020, GoSignMeUp joined the Lumaverse Techologies family of software
solutions. That further solidified the company as a dependable, easy-to-implement registration software platform for many years to come.

Expansion Beyond Education

While GoSignMeUp began with a primary focus on education, its success and reputation for excellence led to its expansion into other sectors. Organizations outside the traditional education realm recognized the platform’s potential in managing various training programs, workshops, and professional development