University of Nebraska-Lincoln using GoSignMeUp Customization Features


University of Nebraska-Lincoln using GoSignMeUp with its color-coding, icons and a user-customized home page  to make their Training Registration process as easy as possible.  In addition to branding, the GoSignMeUp public registration page can also support HTML, so our users can put virtually anything they wish on their welcome page!
University of Nebraska-Lincoln uses the Public Announcement Text feature to greet their students with elbaorate instructions on how to register.  These instructions are replaced by the current course offerings when the students click on a category.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln is also taking advantage of GoSignMeUp’s Course Tile and Icons features, to further customize and organize their course offerings.  A student can clearly see what type of course they are browsing based upon the icon legend.  Courses are also color-coordinated for further organization an clarification.

Finally University of Nebraska-Lincoln is also using a custom course graphic tile to further differentiate each course type and content.  These graphics are all user customizable, to create a unique and visually interesting experience while searching for courses using GoSignMeUp.

The public-side course catalog is just one of the many great features of GoSignMeUp.  Students can search, sign-up and pay for both online and in-seat courses in one place!  This is especially useful if you are using a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Canvas.

This catalog can also be embedded within your own web site, to integrate seamlessly in to your existing online properties.

You too can be like University of Nebraska-Lincoln using GoSignMeUp to make online registration easy!

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The page legend with the Color and Icon definitions make class selection a breeze.


Adding a custom graphic tile to each course helps differentiate each type and ads visual pizazz to your class listings.