Press release announcing our 20th Anniversary

GoSignMeUp 20th Anniversary

( — January 19, 2017) Irvine, California –Leading professional development management solution provider GoSignMeUp has reached a business milestone in 2017; GoSignMeUp 20th Anniversary!  The company, established in 1996 and making its first sale the following year, is celebrating its 20th year in business.  Originally developed by Ed MacNevin, the co-founder and CEO of the company, it was designed to create an efficient online course registration system. Today, the company’s software solution is in use by thousands of users, including educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare firms, and corporate training environments. “Our software represents an efficient way to manage training and professional development,” says a company spokesperson. “Although we have added many features over the years, our original concept still serves as the core of the platform.” To learn more about the history of the company and its product development, visit


Our latest press release announcing our 20th Anniversary. GoSignMeUp – we are the registration experts!