Now promoting courses through social media is easier than ever!  Responding to customer feedback we have revised the links for the Expanded Course Description details- Now much shorter and less cryptic-looking.  Now our customers enjoying the new Ruby public-facing interface can more easily information with others thru social media.  It’s easy to post class information to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook , Email or simply copying/pasting the link.

Sharing Course Details

The Expanded Course Description allows you to share the course information via social media or email.

At the top left of the expanded course description page you will find the sharing options.  Clicking on the buttons for LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook will quickly allow you to share the course link on those popular social platforms.  You can also easily Email or copy the link using the remaining two options.  This makes sharing easy for your students, and helps promote the courses to raise attendance!

social media sharing

Now the links back to your course descriptions are much smaller and less cryptic looking!

Use the social media sharing options and the new shorter URLs to boost attendance and promote your courses using GoSignMeUp  has never been easier!

For users wanting more LMS type functionality, GoSignMeUp has partnered with Learning Stream – now it is easier than ever to add LMS features to your GoSignMeUp instance.

For more information about the Course Catalog click here –

If you have any questions about how to post course information on to social media, simply contact us.