GoSignMeUp is your Professional Development Pathway

GoSignMeUp is more than a cutting edge online course registration system, but also a complete professional development and certification platform- Your Professional Development Pathway!

GoSignMeUp makes it easy to not only deliver online courses, but also offer course registration, credit tracking, transcript reporting, and payment support all in one integrated solution.

Who is this solution for?

This solution is ideal for two types of organizations: professional development organizations that offer courses to K-12 schools, as well as school districts that want to scale their professional development program beyond their district and even monetize those offerings.

Bookend Model

To visualize how GoSignMeUp facilitates professional development, imagine a bookshelf; the books are the online and in-seat courses, and the bookends that hold everything together are GoSignMeUp!  On the front end, GoSignMeUp simplifies enrollment to an external audience by making it easy for users to search for courses, sign-up for them, pay, and get enrolled.

On the back end, GoSignMeUp manages the administration of the program like tracking course education units, transcript reporting, and sending out surveys and completion certificates! Plus, our powerful analytics are perfect for federal, state, and local reporting as well, to fine-tune and modify classes and course pathways.

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Professional Development Pathway – Expanded View

While the bookend model is a great summation, the image below breaks out the details within a typical professional development pathway.  With the powerful data-mining features in GoSignMeUp, administrators can analyze registration data and make curriculum adjustments if necessary.  This data pool also brings valuable insights to the business side of a professional development program, highlighting ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ from an accounting perspective. The cycle is ‘live’ and ongoing – allowing constant tuning and improvement!

Professional Development Pathway

The bottom line is that GoSignMeUp is a powerful tool that facilitates Single Sign On (SSO),  student registration and payment on the front end – and manages the data on the back.

GoSignMeUp registration software handles the minutia of administration detail – such a sign-in sheets, attendance, transcript reporting, grades, certifications, email notifications, and more!

This gives you more time to focus on delivering effective instruction and extensive reporting tools to analyze trends, and examine profitability, to fine-tune and modify classes and course pathways.

GoSignMeUp has a lot of experience when it comes to Professional Development – Let GoSignMeUp help you put a successful instructional plan together.
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