GoSignMeUp Online Registration and Class Management System

GoSignMeUp is a powerful online registration and class management system.
If you need to deliver any sort of professional development, continuing education, or class instruction, we can provide:

            • An Easy-to-use course registration system that simplifies the enrollment process.
            • Automated administrative features such as email confirmations and reminders that save you time and money.
            • Extensive reporting and analytics to help develop effective professional development learning cycles.

To help visualize how GoSignMeUp works – imagine a book shelf;  the books are the instructional content you deliver and the bookends that hold everything together are GoSignMeUp!  The left book end provides a customizable website where the attendees can search, sign-up and pay for courses very quickly and easily. The automatic email confirmations and reminders will save you lots of time!

The books deliver the instructional content which is provided by you. This instruction can be distributed via Face to Face classes, online or blended classes.  GoSignMeUp also integrates with Leaning Management Systems such as Canvas, and does more than Canvas Catalog.

Once the classes are completed, the right bookend takes over providing extensive reporting and analytics to help develop effective learning cycles. Certificates of completion can be emailed out automatically, and students can also view their completed classes any time on line.

The bottom line is that GoSignMeUp is a powerful tool that facilitates student registration and payment on the front end – and manages the data on the back – like bookends!  GoSignMeUp registration software handles the minutia of administration detail – such a sign-in sheets, attendance, transcript reporting, grades, certifications, email notifications, and more!  This gives you more time to focus on delivering effective instruction and extensive reporting tools to analyze trends, and examine profitability, to fine-tune and modify classes and course pathways.

GoSignMeUp has a lot of experience when it comes to Professional Development – Let GoSignMeUp help you put a successful instructional plan together.