GoSignMeUp online registration makes it easy to search, sign-up & pay for courses with just a few mouse clicks.

It’s easy for registrants to search, sign-up and pay for courses using GoSignMeUp!  GoSignMeUp online registration makes it easy to search, sign-up & pay for courses with just a few mouse clicks.

From the public-side course catalog, there are many ways to search for a class.


Use main and sub categories of classes to organize your course listings. When you create a new course in GoSignMeUp, you determine what the main category is. These categories are customized by you. Clicking on a main category reveals the subcategories which further breakdown and granulate to the classes themselves.

Click on a subcategory, and the classes in it appear on the right side. These listings can be sorted alphabetically, by course title, location or chronologically by date. you can decide which is the default. For in-seat courses the physical location is also listed, including a hyper-linked map.

Tile or List view

The courses can be displayed in list view or tile view. Tile view allows you to assign a graphic element to identify your courses, while list view is a more space-efficient way to display many courses.

Use the Search field to find courses using keywords in the titles and descriptions.

The Date range option allows you to find courses available between a specified Start and End date.


The Calendar view displays courses chronologically in a monthly, weekly or daily calendar format. Summary information is available when you hover over a course, or simply click to bring up the Expanded description view.

The Expanded description is a very efficient and intuitive way that provides all of the course information, location, time, and whatever media links you would like to include – even video if you wish. Courses can be free or have pricing information. There is also the option for you to include materials available for purchase, and have a prerequisite option if desired.

Registering for a course is easy. When a student logs in they can see what courses they are already enrolled in, as well as see the Wait Space option. With the Wait Space option, students can continue to sign-up for a full course, but will only be enrolled if someone else cancels.

You can continue to add courses to your shopping cart, or Checkout at any time. The checkout process is very simple and requires only a few mouse clicks. On the Review screen you can see the currently selected courses, and any materials or options listed. You also can assign special pricing options using Coupon codes.

If you are charging for courses the Payments screen then offers payment options, including charging credit cards through a supported payment gateway.

Once enrolled in the course, GoSignMeUp sends out a confirmation email to participants. This email can contain document links, gives details about the course, and includes a VCS file to add the information to a student’s local Calendar. Two other reminder emails will also go out as the course date approaches – automatically!

As you can see, GoSignMeUp online registration makes it easy to search, sign-up and pay for courses with just a few mouse clicks.

For more information, visit gosignmeup.com, or call 888-286-4826.

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