What clichés are putting your trainees to sleep?

Trainees falls asleep from too many clichesA recent survey of 2,000 office workers resulted in a list of the 40 most notoriously overused expressions. These exhausted clichés result in anything from a subtle feeling of ennui to deep unconsciousness. It all depends on how many super-sized fries a listener/victim has recently consumed. No one should oppose immediately hauling these infamous phrases to the office dumpster. After all, think outside the box was an overdone phrase 20 years ago. So why is it still a thing?

We’re not immune to using several of the 40 worst phrases ourselves. We confess we like to touch basecircle back, and reach out as much as the next person. Further, every industry has its list of notorious clichés that cause catatonia in anyone within earshot.

The training profession doesn’t get a pass in the cliché department either. The last thing you need is trainees going slack with boredom when you’re trying to impart your great knowledge. Does that make sense? is a popular ender to many a statement during training.

Clichéd phrases are mostly just a nuisance around the office. During a training session, however, they can get in the way of learning. Extra phrases and clichés make it more difficult to learn because they distract and fuzz up communication.

What clichés in your training presentation are causing your audience to take a figurative nap, if not a literal one? If you’re a trainer or otherwise involved in creating educational materials, take a look at your presentation from a new perspective. Search and destroy any phrases that add nothing to the presentation. Removing them will make training fresher and livelier.

Therefore, let’s synergize our talents. Let’s blue sky this thing and see what shakes loose. We could stick with the low hanging fruit like going the extra distance or we could double down, talk about the elephant in the room, and end up with a win-win for everybody.

It’s a whole new ballgame.

If you have any clichés you would like to punish us with, or if you would like to ask about registration management software, contact us here.