Virtual learning at cloud’s center

More than two years ago in this space, we used a free word cloud generator to see what words showed up the most in our blog posts. That’s what a word cloud generator does: You plug in a bunch of words from a text or texts to see which ones show up the most. Word clouds are an interesting way to analyze things like comments or survey results.  Remove common verbs like can and will, and you can identify common themes among a series of articles.  Thankfully the trend of using word clouds has graphics has subsided, but the analysis is still valid.

We went through the exercise again to see how our focus may have changed since 2019.  Seems Virtual Learning scored pretty high!


In our 2019 experiment, it was no surprise that training came up a lot. We write a lot about training trends tools, trends, and techniques. We still do. It was also no surprise that software, time, and email show up a lot as well.

In our latest look, from Spring 2020 to now, training is still the most common term we use. However, training has a lot more company now from other words that indicate how GoSignMeUp’s focus—and likely yours—have changed in the past two years.

GoSignMeUp is ideal for training – our software tracks progress and can even automatically send out completion certificates!

Learning” and “Virtual Learning”

was far and away the most used word the past years. We mentioned it 59 times. But learning (mentioned 27 times after removing all2021 Learning Stream word cloud references to GoSignMeUp ) and virtual (22 mentions) are second and third on the list. Virtual was nowhere on the 2019 list.

Right behind virtual was in-person. That would make sense, because many articles addressed how organizations have begun offering more virtual classes compared to in-person learning. Hybrid is also in the mix, with a emphasis on a mix of learning delivery options.

Much of the movement to virtual learning, you would be right to think, was spurred by the pandemic. But we are surprised to see that pandemic was mentioned only nine times going back two-plus years. Covid is only mentioned twice.

Since 2019, GoSignMeUp has put a lot more emphasis on integrating with the virtual learning platforms such as Zoom and Canvas. That’s what GoSignMeUp adherents now need in a registration management system: a registration process that works as well with virtual learning as with in-person offerings.

We’ll take another look in a few years to see if that’s changed.

For more information on how you can manage both in-seat and online courses in one place, contact GoSignMeUp!