Training follow-ups: 10 ways to make stuff stick

A training course isn’t over when your trainees go back to work and the last empty coffee cup is tossed in the recycling container. No training is complete without regular follow-up. Sure, seeking feedback through post-training surveys is a must. If you’re not also doing several of the following training follow-ups, however, you won’t know if the learning you’ve provided will stay learned.

  1. Reach out soon, even if it’s just to offer encouragement. Tell participants you know they will make you proud.strip of masking tape against white background
  2. No need to let the band break up. Using email or texting, send your training group regular reminders. Ask them how they’re using their newfound wisdom.
  3. Create social media groups via LinkedIn, Facebook, or other platforms to stay in touch.
  4. Since you’re reaching out, summarize again the key points of the training. If participants fell into a torpor thanks to the two breakfast burritos and side order of sausage links they wolfed down just before training, they may have missed a few of your wise words.
  5. Give access to a slide deck or other file from the training, which they can download and review while curled up beside a warm fire (or lawn sprinkler if it’s July).
  6. If you produce a brief refresher video, invite trainees to access it. Further, track who completes it.
  7. Give a short online quiz and make it fun. Give the first to respond a silly prize.
  8. Set milestones. For example, promise trainees they’ll hear from you 30 days after training to see how they have progressed with their new skillsets.
  9. Share success stories. Ask for examples of how trainees have executed their skills. Then share those tidbits with the group.
  10. As you know, good training leads to more training. Look for opportunities to offer your learners advanced learning options.
  11. Finally, training follow-ups are always a perfect time to express your appreciation. Even if training is required, it’s always good to thank participants for spending their time with you.

To share your great ideas on training follow-ups, please reach out to us. We’d also love to talk to you about how a full-blast registration management platform can help.