Saying thank you

If you organize a training program, you put a lot of effort into creating content and then making sure your program goes off with few hitches. Afterwards, perhaps you follow up with an evaluation to determine how you did, how can you improve, what was most beneficial. But have you ever forgotten the simple process of expressing your appreciation in way that’s genuine and thank youspecific? Are you saying thank you in a way beyond just using those two words?

This three-minute TED talk from ten years boasts nearly two million views, and it’s simply about how important it is for all of us to hear a sincere “thank you.” It’s not just saying thank you. It’s doing so in a way that is specific. We all want to hear someone’s appreciation for what we’ve done, even when what we’ve done is spend two hours sitting in a climate-controlled training room away from our normal responsibilities.

Though you may not realize it, the simple step of saying thank you to your attendees is an essential part of managing a program.

Even if your organization conducts training that is mandatory—the kind of training that makes some employees roll their eyes and give a heavy sigh—saying thank you is important. It’s also important to be specific.

  • Thank them for showing up.
  • Thank them for paying attention.
  • Thank them for not constantly sneaking a peak at their phones.
  • Thank them for giving their time, which is their most limited resource.

Beyond saying the words “thank you,” you could also:

  • Shake each attendee’s hand as they leave the training room.
  • Hand out a small item, like a candy bar or pack of gum at the end of the day.
  • Email them a personalized certificate of appreciation a day or two after the training.
  • Wait a little later—weeks or longer—to schedule an email thank you to let them know you still appreciate them.

To share other ideas on how to express appreciation to your attendees, let us know. We’d also love to answer any questions you have about registration management software.