Pizza and SaaS: Five ways they are alike


A row of fresh baked pizzasIn honor of National Pizza Day, we shamelessly use this hallowed occasion—and space—to compare the revered Italian delicacy with Software as a Solution (SaaS). Here’s a quick five ways pizza and SaaS are like twins of different mothers:

    1. Variety. Pizza and SaaS options are available in nearly unlimited types and price ranges. If you don’t have the appetite or budget for something massive, you can always find plenty of other options. Thin crust SaaS is our favorite.
    2. Comfort. Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, right? What could be more comforting than knowing the experts with your SaaS are taking care of security and backups so you don’t have to?
    3. Let someone else worry about creating and adding to it. You can build your own pizza oven in your back yard, and that’s great for a while. But then the masonry starts to crack, and it needs repairs. The original contractor has left town. Perhaps your backyard pizza oven has become so popular you now need a bigger one. That won’t be cheap. Delivered pizza and SaaS have this in common: Both are made fresh by experts and both can grow with you. Also, your neighbors are unlikely to stop by unannounced.
    4. Choose only what you want. Here’s where a SaaS is even better than pizza. If your pizza comes with mushrooms or something else you don’t want, you have to pick it off. Even then, you can still taste the vestiges of mushroom. With a good SaaS, you can turn off options you don’t want, and it’s like they were never there.
    5. Different toppings for different people. It’s easy to make most people happy with the same pizza and SaaS. Just like a pizza that is half pepperoni and half black olive, you can address the needs of two or more groups with a flexible SaaS. Everyone can use the same platform and yet leverage different functions.Young woman presenting a fresh pizza

There. We’ve made it through this list and successfully avoided the phrase No matter how you slice it. But if you’re hungry to learn more about the SaaS that is GoSignMeUp, reach out to us. We can talk while each remotely enjoying a slice.