How to Take Your Classes Virtual

Your organization may already be taking measures to take your classes virtual. It may seem daunting at first to do so with your in-person training and other face-to-face events.

If you decide to deliver more learning opportunities online, you don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of registration management associated with in-person offerings. Managing registrations and attendance for virtual meetings can work just the same as it does for in-person programs.

GoSignMeUp features are designed to ease the process if you decide to take your classes virtual.

  • Include your virtual meeting login information in any GoSignMeUp-created email, from confirmations to reminders. The same information can also be included in event descriptions.
  • GoSignMeUp offers direct integration with webinar/conferencing app GoToWebinar. Further, we will soon have a direct integration with another popular video conferencing app.
  • Our GoSignMeUp-to-Canvas LMS integration means you can receive the same robust registration data, even when students sign up for online learning content housed in Canvas.
  • GoSignMeUp APIs enable you to share data with other learning platforms, too.
  • GoSignMeUp’s own Media Manager module for video course delivery allows you to give learners direct access to instructional and other videos. They can register to gain access just like they would for a face-to-face class.
  • Share files such as documents, pdfs, and PowerPoints. Attendees can access files associated with a learning event via their account.

If virtual training is a new adventure for you, or even if you are an old pro, this brief article offers tips on how to ensure a productive endeavor.

If you would like to consult further on registration for virtual training, please contact GoSignMeUp.