Create Income Stream Using Professional Development Webinar

It is not difficult to turn your existing
LMS infrastructure into a revenue stream!

Create Income Stream Using Professional Development

Create Income Stream Using Professional Development

The GoSignMeUp registration system allows staff to manage both “in-seat” or online courses and allows patrons to sign-up and pay for either.  This changes how a school traditionally uses an LMS, which often is primarily to serve content to students in classrooms.  Learning Management Systems are designed with K-12 education in mind, and not focused on professional development.  With the addition of GoSignMeUp, however, you can then introduce a public portal to a new audience who can search, sign-up and pay for professional development courses hosted within the a Learning Management System -Create Income Stream Using Professional Development!  The original classroom functionality still exists, but the additional functionality of a public-facing course catalog facilitates the professional development opportunities, as well as the complementary income stream.

GoSignMeUp integrates with popular Learning Management Systems such as Canvas.

GoSignMeUp has teamed with Learning Stream to offer our customers more options and features than ever!  – now you can enjoy many LMS features such as video training by upgrading your GoSignMeUp instance to Learning Stream!  Now its easy to find the perfect registration software for you – pay for what you need and not what you don’t!  GoSignMeUp is Registration Management That Grows With You.
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“GoSignMeUp enabled a new dimension for learning administration at PetSmart. It supports instructors very well as they manage individual class sessions from registration statistics to communicating collectively with students via the built in email tool. ”

Kevin Orzel



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