Go beyond evaluations to testing

In most registration management processes, taking a post-class survey is a given. Online evaluations—testing the training provider in a way—are now the norm for soliciting responses on how to help improve an offering the next time around: How effective was the content? What would you change? Did the instructor have mild halitosis? Did that impact the overall experience? Though evaluations occur well after the registration process is finished, they are still a mandatory part of the after-class experience for many training programs. Thus, they are often part of registration software.

Built-in evaluations and testing
If a registration system does not include an evaluation option, program organizers can redirect their attendees to a third-party application. Beyond evaluations, however, program organizers increasingly demand the ability to evaluate their trainees within the registration management process. One major advantage of doing so is keeping key training steps together in one place.

Quick steps from registration to testing

  1. A person registers for a training offering.an image of a test question example including three options.
  2. They complete the class or otherwise meet a requirement.
  3. They are marked “attended.”
  4. That attendance status triggers them to gain access to the test.
  5. They answer the test questions.
  6. They find out immediately if they have passed or failed.
  7. If they fail, they may get another stab at it.
  8. They receive a link to a certificate of completion.
  9. All is right with the world.

Whether the learning takes place in an LMS or in person, organizers can, in each case, direct trainees to the test within the registration software. In some systems, administrators could also provide direct access to the content within the registration platform. Students could view an instructional video and then go directly to the test.

If an organizer wants to test registrants before a class, potential attendees could receive access to the test as soon their registration is confirmed. No matter which scenario makes sense for a program, it beats entering or uploading test results to everyone’s record after the fact.

Considering ways to streamline your testing process? We are here to answer your questions.