Five quick ways to keep training sessions on track

The automation of training registration via a robust system has made registration management a lot easier. But the age-old challenge for most trainers—no matter how important the subject matter—is how to keep a class engaged. Experience indicates the more engaged trainees are, the more likely they are to absorb the content. These tips can help all of us keep training sessions on track.

  1. Keep segments short. We all know attention spans are steadily becoming shorter. (Curses, you smartphones.) A sustained attention span for a training session is usually about ten minutes. A railroad track curving around a red brick train depotThat may seem very short. But it doesn’t mean you need to schedule bathroom breaks that often. It could mean inserting a minute or two for Q& A, soliciting comments, or doing a quick dance routine.
  2. Stow the devices. Speaking of the cursed smartphones, ask everyone to put away their devices before training starts. If you’re conducting a webinar, make participants pinkie swear. It’s about respecting the time, their fellow participants, and you. If you successfully quell the ensuing mutiny, you’ll have a better chance of keeping everyone’s focus on the content. Tell trainees there will be ample breaks to swipe through their messages.
  3. Use simple words. It is incumbent upon any trainer to abjure big fancy words—especially of the highly technical variety—when conducting training. This requires you to know your audience and to never assume they understand words you otherwise use regularly.
  4. Take a poll. This is easy with webinar technology, but you can also do something as old school as a show of hands during face-to-face training. It keeps your audience thinking and actively responding to the content.
  5. Tell a story. Everyone likes a good story, even when educational information is wrapped up in it. That’s why historical novels are popular. They sneak in a healthy dose of learning while entertaining. By using a compelling narrative to convey your training content, your participants will be more likely to connect with it.

These tips for keeping training sessions on track only work when the content is solid and the delivery of it is professional. And if you’re interesting in getting your registration management on tack as well, we are happy to help.