Client Spotlight -
City of Raleigh

How do you use GoSignMeUp?

We have 2,800 employees in the Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department. All of our employees take one or more trainings, many of them are safety trainings. GoSignMeUp is the tool that allows employees, or their supervisors, to register them for live trainings.


Do you have a "GSMU story" to share?

Recently our department had a reorganization resulting in the need to change the divisions for a large percentage of our employees in GoSignMeUp. When I asked GSMU Support if there was a way to import the changes to the employee records, they were very quick to design an import function that allowed me to change those records with ease.


What are some of your favorite, or most used, features in the software?

For our supervisors, they would say their favorite feature is the ability to register their part-time staff. For the adminstrators, it is the ability to monitor the number of registrations and produce sign-in sheets.




  • Abbie Emory

  • City of Raleigh

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