Client Spotlight -
CHI Health

How do you use GoSignMeUp?

Community education for all our healthcare service lines (maternity, cancer, heart, weight management, etc) Our 'audience' ranges from early 20 year olds, to early 90 year olds! Could be a young couple having their first baby, a cancer survivor, someone wanting to learn CPR, or someone considering gastric bypass surgery. We currently have just shy of 300 classes presented to the public in our 'catalog' on GSMU.


Do you have a "GSMU story" to share?

I would describe our process prior to using GSMU, as quite manual. Most students didn't receive any type of reminder that the class they signed up for was going to happen soon. It just took too much man-­ power to call all attendees. I was THRILLED when I got confirmation and email reminders for the test class I registered for. What a satisfier to the enrollee, and a huge "win" for the class sponsor to not have to lift a finger to send the reminder. Love the automation we have put in place with GSMU!!


What are some of your favorite, or most used, features in the software?

The Course Grid -­ almost everything in one place. Very easy to read and making changes is simple. Multiple enrollees -­ works well when husband and wife both want to attend the same class. Students (from the course grid) -­ I like watching the count grow! Our # of students just surpassed our # of courses and we've only been live for 3 weeks! 


  • Myra Ricceri

  • CHIHealth