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How do you use GoSignMeUp?

Learning & Development Services offers training for University of Manitoba employees. Our main areas of focus are professional development, which includes growing leadership and supervisory skills, as well as personal development, which can be as diverse as orientation and other benefits-related sessions and office yoga. Other units on campus use our system to register employees in administrative system training (financial systems, student registration systems, human resource information system, implementing a new mail/calendar program) and environmental health and safety training.


Do you have a "GSMU story" to share?

The registration system we used before GSMU was an internally developed one and had been in place for almost 10 years. It has been very exciting to work with GSMU which is much more intuitive and user-friendly. Setting up the various categories, inputting sessions, being able to customize information sent to students in courses was so easy! The whole experience with GSMU has been very positive, so it's hard to come up with one "story"! One thing is outstanding, and that has been the quality of the support we have received from the GSMU team. It's been a real pleasure to work with them, even when an issue we had was unsolvable!


What are some of your favorite, or most used, features in the software?

There are so many! It may not be exciting, but I love the feature which allows me to print sign-in sheets and tent cards with not much more than one click! The Course Grid provides so much information on one screen that we use it all the time. Being able to create "invitation only" courses (where participants are given a code to input in order to complete their registration) is very helpful for some of our programs. Having GSMU send automatic session reminders and course evaluations after sessions is a tremendous time saver. Being able to send e-mails to all students in a session or to specific ones without having to copy-and-paste addresses between programs is very convenient.



  • Katherine Medida

  • Learning & Organizational Development Specialist