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Ruszin Healthcare Education Group

How do you use GoSignMeUp?

Ruszin Healthcare covers the state of Florida to teach healthcare professionals at EMS agencies, hospital facilities, private agencies and more. We specialize in American Heart Association Education and are also offer other certification courses through the Emergency Nurse Association. In addition, continuing education courses are available related to cardiology, trauma, critical care, pediatric, and neonatal topics. Ruszin Healthcare Education Group (RHEG) offers classes for community certification and training as well as healthcare professionals. We cater to the emergency and critical care healthcare provider and offer classes to enhance those skills needed to practice in the acute care environment.


Do you have a "GSMU story" to share?

Students of Ruszin Healthcare Education Group love the new GSMU system since its implementation. They appreciate the fact that pre-course study materials are automatically sent to them with their course enrollment confirmation. In addition, healthcare providers also like that they are able to access their transcript as most students take multiple courses with our company and have to present proof of those completed anually to their employer. These 2 functions of the GSMU system, as well as other aspects, have streamlined the management of Ruszin Healthcare and have considerably reduced the amount of time it takes to organize and prepare for the classes offerred.


What are some of your favorite, or most used, features in the software?

Course dashboard is extremely useful for quick administrative review and editing individual courses that have been posted. The Course Grid is beneficial to the administrator because it allows for real-time, rapid analysis of courses related to financials (revenue/income) and student enrollment (# signed up v. waiting v. max enrollment). This feature helps the administrator see the "big picture" for the organization and be able to consider the need to add additional courses to the calendar.



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